Alex introduces herself…..

My name is Alexandra Speight and I have recently qualified as a solicitor. I trained with Peace Legal solicitors and I will mainly focus on what is known as Care Proceedings but will also do more general family work. I studied at Sheffield Hallam for my Undergraduate Degree and then BPP Law School for my Legal Practise Course. Before I came to work for Peace Legal I worked for a large Sheffield Based firm on a legal helpline dealing with all types of legal queries.  This experience showed me that I wanted to work for a smaller firm, dealing with clients for longer periods so we were able to develop a working relationship. That’s why I have chosen to practice in family law and specialise in care proceedings.

In all family matters the welfare of the child/ children is always paramount. The responsibility for the children always first lies with the parents. However, social services departments are also under an obligation to intervene if they believe the child/children within their area might be at risk. This can result in investigations, public law outline meetings and care proceedings through the courts. This is very traumatic for everyone involved. There are a number of complexities and it is very important that you seek legal advice at the earliest opportunity.

I can assist ;

  • If Social Services raise concerns about a child’s safety
  • If a child is at risk of being taken into care
  • If a Local Authority seeks an Emergency Protection Order
  • With all aspects of child care proceedings, including pre-proceedings
  • Parents who wish to make contact with children in care
  • Parents seeking the return of a child in care and the discharging of care orders
  • Where family members wish to care for a child who is at risk of being taken or has been taken into care
  • Where children may have suffered sexual abuse or physical or emotional harm
  • Where parenting is compromised through addiction, mental health issues or learning disabilities
  • Where children have special needs

If you are experiencing anything described above or are concerned please contact me and I can offer an initial half hour consultation.

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