Change to Opening Times

Please note that our opening times over the festive break have changed. Unless we have reason not to do so, we shall close at 1 pm today 27th December.  Friday 28th December:  unless there is a need to remain open , we will close at 1 pm. Next week we shall be closed all day Monday 31 December and Tuesday 1st January. IN ANY EVENT: TO AVOID A WASTED JOURNEY PLEASE TELEPHONE US ON 01226 341111 TO CONFIRM WE ARE […]

Seasonal Good Wishes

In this season of goodwill, may we extend to you all: our staff, clients, professional associates/advisors & suppliers, our sincere and heartfelt thanks for your continued help, assistance and support during 2018 and may we wish you all a very happy Christmas and good fortune for the New Year. Christopher Peace and Julian Flewitt – Directors: Peace Legal Solicitors    

Christmas Shoe Box appeal

Everyone at Peace Legal contributed to the shoe box appeal, well done

Where there’s a Will ……….

…increasingly, there is the possibility of a dispute! With an ageing population and a steep increase in age-related illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s disease, it is not surprising that many probate claims involve an allegation that the testator was not of “sound mind” – that they lacked the necessary “Testamentary Capacity” to make a valid Will. But what is “Testamentary Capacity”? The mere fact that a person suffers from a mental illness certainly does not mean that they lack Testamentary Capacity. Ascertaining capacity is not always a straightforward task, however. It can […]

Transparency? What transparency?

Legal Futures reported today : “Yesterday saw the new transparency regime for certain consumer and business law services come into force but it hasn’t got off to the best start. Just 28% of websites we reviewed appeared to be compliant on T-Day. There were some who had really embraced it, and others who published their prices with a sour explanation that the SRA had made them do it.”

Price Transparency Rules

The Solicitors Regulatory Authority’ (SRA) Price Transparency Rules are set to come into effect in early December 2018. They provide a major change to how law firms must publicise their prices for certain services which they offer to clients and general consumers. You will be provided with pricing information, to allow you to make the most informed decisions regarding which legal services provider you choose. The aim is that by providing clear pricing details, any misunderstandings later in a […]

Money Laundering Procedures

Money laundering procedures Government regulations mean you may be asked to prove who you are if you are a new client or if your solicitor has not taken instructions from you for some time. Why? The UK is a major international financial and legal centre, with a strong reputation for honesty and integrity. Unfortunately that is why financial and professional businesses, like banks and solicitors’ firms, are attractive to money launderers – criminals who sometimes try to hide stolen money by turning […]

MAKE A WILL and Make a Lasting Power of Attorney

Thinking about, talking about and planning for death may make most of us uncomfortable but we need to consider how much worse the situation would be if we die – or became incapacitated through illness, accident or old age – without having created the appropriate legal documents. Making Provision For Mental Capacity No-one likes to think about getting older and the uncertainties and indignities that it may bring in terms of our health.  We would all hope to escape […]

Physical and Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse – for every word there is a scar! Physical abuse – don’t be silent if your partner’s violent Emotional and physical abuse can take many forms. Emotional abuse can be subtle at times. Calling you names, attacking your personality, giving you the silent treatment, making you feel guilty, shouting and swearing, threats and intimidation, humiliation, isolating you, denying the abuse, financial control: are all examples of emotional abuse. Hitting, punching, kicking, spitting, slapping, strangling and throwing you around are all examples of physical abuse. There is […]

Make a Will – it won’t kill you!

A Will or the lack of one – has featured in many a tale, from Dickens to plots in Eastenders!  There is a real risk of family falling out when dealing with the estate if a deceased person who has not made a Will or updated and existing one. It can cause Financial and Emotional misery causing deep seated rifts that do not heal, this is probably not what the deceased would have wanted. The fractured nature of modern […]