David & Goliath!

Personal Injury Compensation Claims Peace Legal Solicitors is your local company which, amongst other areas, deals with Personal Injury Claims and acts on behalf of Claimants only. This means we act for and protect the interests of innocent victims who suffer an injury due to the negligent and careless acts of others whether individuals or organisations. We make it our goal to get the innocent victims the compensation they’re entitled to and deserve. This compensation, contrary to what the […]

Online divorces are not all they are made out to be!

The divorce petition online is not the only application you will need to make to dissolve your marriage.  You still have to make a decree nisi application and a decree absolute application. Making an application online will not resolve any financial or children issues The court will still need to know that the spouse has received the divorce petition and in some cases a paper copy of the online application will still need to  be served on the respondent […]

New no-fault divorce law will end ‘blame game’ and stop children being damaged by mudslinging parents

Couples will no longer have to prove fault to get divorced after the government announced today that it will introduce legislation to end what it called an ‘unnecessary blame game’ Justice secretary David Gauke said he had listened to calls for reform and ‘firmly believe now is the right time to end this unnecessary blame game for good’. Current law requires spouses to evidence at least one of five ‘facts’: adultery, behaviour, desertion, two years’ separation (if the other […]

Why we care when it comes to your children…….

Ask the Solicitor and head of the child care team, Julian Flewitt, “What’s the worst situation that a parent can face?” and he’s clear: – “I’m a family man and the well-being and safety of my family means everything to me. It’s no different for our clients. People lose things all the time and grumble, but the loss of your children is something else. We have spent over 20 years dealing with people who are facing the loss of their children or family members through the involvement of Social Services.” […]

Alex introduces herself…..

My name is Alexandra Speight and I have recently qualified as a solicitor. I trained with Peace Legal solicitors and I will mainly focus on what is known as Care Proceedings but will also do more general family work. I studied at Sheffield Hallam for my Undergraduate Degree and then BPP Law School for my Legal Practise Course. Before I came to work for Peace Legal I worked for a large Sheffield Based firm on a legal helpline dealing […]


Peace Legal of Wombwell are pleased to announce the qualification of Alexandra (Alex) Speight as a Solicitor this month. Alex previously worked for a large firm in Sheffield developing significant legal experience before moving to Barnsley and specialising in cases concerning children and their families. She has worked as part of the firm’s busy Child Care team since December 2016. Alex has also developed wider experience in family law, including disputes over where children should live (including international issues) […]


Free Family Consultations Children in care? Problems with Children’s Services? Concerned about your grandchildren or family in care? We offer a no-obligation FREE consultation session, either face to face, by email or over the telephone. If you have been written to by Children’s Services to say they are considering starting Care Proceedings you may be entitled to Legal Aid. If your child is subject to care proceedings, you may also be entitled to Legal Aid. In both cases, WE CAN COME TO […]

Identity checks explained

Money laundering procedures Government regulations mean you may be asked to prove who you are if you are a new client or if your solicitor has not taken instructions from you for some time. Why? The UK is a major international financial and legal centre, with a strong reputation for honesty and integrity. Unfortunately that is why financial and professional businesses, like banks and solicitors’ firms, are attractive to money launderers – criminals who sometimes try to hide stolen money by turning […]

Compensation Culture – A Myth

Redress and compensation for an injury caused by someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing is not a ‘windfall’ but an ‘entitlement’ and the injured party deserves to be properly compensated. The law provides that an injured party is entitled to be put back in to the position he/she was in before the injury as far as monetary compensation can achieve this. An individual could suffer an injury in different types of circumstances and situations, such as, in a road traffic […]

Where there’s a Will……increasingly, there is the possibility of a dispute!

With an ageing population and a steep increase in age-related illness, such as Alzheimer’s disease, it is not surprising that many probate claims involve an allegation that the testator was not of “sound mind” – that they lacked the necessary “Testamentary Capacity” to make a valid Will. But what is “Testamentary Capacity”? The mere fact that a person suffers from a mental illness certainly does not mean that they lack Testamentary Capacity. Ascertaining capacity is not always a straightforward […]