Compensation Culture – A Myth

Redress and compensation for an injury caused by someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing is not a ‘windfall’ but an ‘entitlement’ and the injured party deserves to be properly compensated. The law provides that an injured party is entitled to be put back in to the position he/she was in before the injury as far as monetary compensation can achieve this.

An individual could suffer an injury in different types of circumstances and situations, such as, in a road traffic accident, at work, on public or private premises or as a result of being a victim of a violent crime.

Phrases like ‘compensation culture’ and ‘claims driving up insurance premiums’ have been brandished about in the media by insurance companies  and even the government who have already made draconian reforms in favour of the multi-million pound insurance companies and their shareholders to the disadvantage of innocent injured people.

There’s no denying that some claims may be exaggerated or even fraudulent. The way to deal with such issues is not by making sweeping reforms which tarnish the genuine individuals. Further reforms proposed by the government to particular types of personal injury claims will further erode the innocent injured person’s right to proper redress. Reforms based on such one sided and misguided views are simply inconsiderate and do injustice to the plight of the thousands of innocent people who come to harm through no fault of their own and find their lives being disrupted with consequential pain and suffering and financial loss. Nobody asks to be injured.

The essence of any system of justice demands that an innocent injured person, regardless of the nature and extent of their injury, deserves to be fully and properly compensated and receive legal representation to help them with their case.

Peace Legal Solicitors have an excellent reputation of getting their clients the best possible result and maximum compensation. Our specialist personal injury solicitor with many years of experience and an accredited member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL), an organisation which champions the rights of innocent injured people, will help you obtain the redress and compensation you deserve.

We can get you compensation in the following situations:

  • Driver Road Traffic Accident Claims
  • Passenger Road Traffic accident Claims
  • Bus Passenger Road Traffic Accident Claims
  • Pedestrian Road traffic Accident Claims
  • Cyclist/Motorcyclist Road Traffic Accident Claims
  • Untraced and uninsured Driver Road Traffic Accident Claims
  • Own Policy Road Traffic Accident Claims
  • Work Accident Claims
  • Public Highway Tripping and Slipping Accident Claims
  • Supermarket Accident Claims
  • Public House/ Nightclub Accident Claims
  • Dog Attack Claims
  • Criminal Assault Claims
  • Criminal Fatality of Close Relative’s Claims
  • Children Abuse Claims
  • Neglect if Care in Residential Homes Claims

There are time limits for bringing a claim but you should seek legal advice as soon as reasonably possible after an accident or incident.


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