Peace Legal of Wombwell are pleased to announce the qualification of Alexandra (Alex) Speight as a Solicitor this month. Alex previously worked for a large firm in Sheffield developing significant legal experience before moving to Barnsley and specialising in cases concerning children and their families. She has worked as part of the firm’s busy Child Care team since December 2016.

Alex has also developed wider experience in family law, including disputes over where children should live (including international issues) and helping victims of domestic abuse seek protection through the courts.

In addition to working in the area of family law, Alex has developed her skills further by working in the firm’s established criminal department with senior Director, Chris Peace and in their growing Wills & Probate Department.

Alex is now settled and after moving from a big firm in Sheffield to Peace Legal, a smaller “family” firm, she is in a better position to meet people and has time to understand their issues, develop a good working relationship and help them achieve the best outcome possible.

She said “Child work is not an easy or attractive area of the law to work in. When I tell people that I am a Solicitor, they make certain assumptions about me. When I have finished telling them about what I do, they say – ‘you sound like a Social Worker’ and it is difficult to argue with that”.

“I do stand up for the rights of parents and their families who may be involved with Social Services. A good outcome is not easy to achieve but with patience and determination, it is possible”

Alex has been involved in several cases where she and our legal team have made a positive difference to family’s lives. For her and the team it can be an incredibly uplifting experience helping families secure the return of their child when court proceedings finish and even to help a parent avoid the start of court proceedings.

Alex has extended her experience by successfully representing members of a child’s family, to include grandparents, aunts, uncles, godparents and even professional foster carers, who want to care for the children on a long-term basis but without the involvement of Social Services.

Alex could easily have turned her back on Barnsley and joined a larger firm in Sheffield or Leeds and we are extremely pleased that she sees her future with Peace Legal in making a real difference to people’s lives.

Peace Legal have been helping people for 25 years across South Yorkshire during tough times and now Alex is a new part of it”

If you or anybody you know would benefit from a free initial consultation on any aspect of family law, please get in touch with us. Alex and the team are here to help.

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