Do I really need a solicitor to get a divorce?

Yes! A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing!

More and more people are now dealing with their own divorces. The courts have tried to do everything they can to make the procedure much easier. However, the law hasn’t become easier and it changes constantly and it is the law that underpins the whole process.

What are the pitfalls of acting for myself?

1. The most basic thing you can do wrong is make a typing error on the divorce petition itself. This will delay your divorce and may cost you £95.00 each time you get something wrong! A solicitor can minimise mistakes and ensure that if a mistake is made any delay is reduced and it is put right with no cost to you.

2. You may not be aware that divorce does not end financial obligations and you will need a separate order to do this. If you don’t get such an order you could prejudice your future legal and financial status.

3. You may finalise the divorce too quickly which could mean you open yourself up to losing out financially.  When getting divorced, before finalising the divorce, consideration should always be given to future benefits such as pensions that you may lose out on if the divorce is finalised too quickly.

4. This is a very emotional and sometimes distressing time of your life. You are not always in the best place to make decisions that are in your best interests and the tension between you and your ex partner may mean the proceedings are dealt with in a way which increases the tension and bitterness. A good family lawyer will deal with issues in a way that reduces tension and can help you to gain perspective on what are realistic expectations when it comes to dividing the house and other assets.

5. You may be struggling to cope with the fact that your children are no longer living with both parents. It may be difficult to reach agreement on what arrangements should be put in place for the children to spend time with both parents. A good solicitor can help to create a dialogue between you and your spouse that assists in reaching agreements that have the best interests of the children at heart.

At Peace Legal we recognise that divorce is a time In Your Life when you least need the worry of extra financial costs. We offer a sympathetic approach with choices of level of service and cost. We do our best to settle all matters as amicably as possible. Contact us for a free initial appointment where we can assess your situation and help you to move forward in the way that is right for you.





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