Family FAQ’s

Some common questions we at Peace Legal get asked for advice on are:

  • How do I obtain a divorce?

  • What am I entitled to financially? 

  • Can I keep the house? 

  • Can I make a claim on my husband’s pension?

  • Is my wife entitled to some of my pension? 

  • Am I / any children entitled to maintenance?

  • How do I go about getting this? 

  • Am I liable to pay maintenance and if so how much? 

  • What rights do I have with regards to my children?

  • How often can I see them? 

  • How do I obtain protection from a violent partner?

Whether your family query is one of the above or something entirely different, we’re here to offer you the best advice for your situation. Contact us today and ask to speak to a member of our Family department.

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