Pricing – Motoring offences

Summary road traffic matter – dealt with at a single hearing. We would ordinarily charge £300 – £420 + VAT@ 20% together with mileage at the rate of 1.95p per mile plus VAT at 20% .This would cover the obtaining of details of the Prosecution’s case, obtaining the client’s instructions, advising the client on law and procedure, representing the client in court and reporting back with confirmation of the result to include any advice on appeal as may be appropriate.


These figures are based on a hourly rate of £120.  The work would be carried out by a Senior Solicitor who is qualified and has been in continuous practice since 1980. The solicitor is always under the supervision of another qualified Senior Solicitor.


The range of £300 – £420 is designed to cover a range of different cases, some of which would be more complex than others. The mileage charge is designed so that we can consider time taken for travelling from our office to the relevant court.

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