Pricing – Probate


Single person will                                                           from £100 plus Vat @ 20%

“Mirror” Wills (married/partners)                                from £150 to £180 plus Vat @ 20%

Protective Property Trust Wills-                                   £350 plus Vat @ 20%


Lasting Power of Attorney

Property and Financial Affairs –                                  £350 plus Vat @ 20%

Health & Welfare –                                                        £350 plus Vat @ 20%

Separate Registration Fee payable-                           £82.00 (remission possible depending on income)

(If any of the above are home visits – extra charges may incur)



Letters of Administration (without a will)-                from £450 plus Vat @ 20%

Grant of Probate (with a will)-                                     from £450 plus vat @ 20%

(depending on complexity of estate)

Separate probate fees of £155.00 plus 50p for each office copy


Court of Protection

Fixed charge by the court- (at present)                     £950 plus Vat @ 20%

Separate charges for-

Application fee-                                                              £380

Medical assessment fee-                                              from £250 to £350

Insurance policy fee-                                                    (there is no fixed cost as it depends on the persons assets)

Annual Deputy assessment fee-                                 £100

Annual Supervision fee-                                              (this is dependent on the persons assets)

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