Why we care when it comes to your children…….

Ask the Solicitor and head of the child care team, Julian Flewitt, “What’s the worst situation that a
parent can face?” and he’s clear: –
“I’m a family man and the well-being and safety of my family means everything to me. It’s no different
for our clients. People lose things all the time and grumble, but the loss of your children is something
else. We have spent over 20 years dealing with people who are facing the loss of their children or
family members through the involvement of Social Services.”

“Even in these cash-strapped times, the Government will still provide legal aid for parents whose children are the subject of Care Proceedings.”, he adds.

“We understand the struggles that parents have with their children. Some parents seem to find
their way, but not all. Sometimes it’s about getting help early, before things get out of hand. Routines,
boundaries and stability are the foundations of a good childhood. There’s lots of help out there but
you need to know where to look and when to ask for help”. He continues, “Struggling in silence is the
worst thing you can do”.

“It’s always a worry when Social Services become involved. People can think the worst, but much of
the time if you understand why they’re concerned, their input can help.“ “We are used to dealing with Social Services across the region and know what steps should be put in place to support struggling parents and maximise the chances of a good outcome.”

Julian started out in 1998, representing parents whose children were at risk of being removed. Over the years his work has expanded to include wider family members, the children themselves and more
recently, foster carers looking to care without the involvement of the Local Authority.

“Representing family members isn’t easy”, he continues. “By the time they come to us things might
be going badly. We must be understanding and patient as well as clear and fair”.

Julian adds, “Success sometimes comes from showing that professionals have made mistakes, but most of the time it happens when people accept that a change to their own lives is the best way forward”.
“Thankfully, the law now makes it more difficult for a child to be adopted. We can help to keep children
within their birth family and to make sure they are fairly assessed and supported. It can be amazing to
see what changes people will make to get their children back. There is nothing better than helping
family members recover their child from foster care. It can and does happen”.

“I’m proud of what we have helped families achieve in Barnsley and South Yorkshire for over 20 years.
You can’t buy that kind of job satisfaction. We never stop learning and improving. At Peace Legal we have male and female solicitors and experience in a wide range of legal issues, often involving domestic abuse, mental health issues, relationship breakdown and substance misuse”.

“It’s not glamorous but it is rewarding”, he concludes. “I wouldn’t do anything else”.

If you or anybody you know would benefit from a free initial consultation, please get in touch with
Julian or Alexandra on 01226 341111.


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