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Peace Legal offer a wide range of legal services to suit you.

Peace Legal, now established for over 25 years initially consisted of four personnel: two lawyers and two support staff. Today, we have seven lawyers, one trainee lawyer and twelve support staff working from our offices in Wombwell, covering Barnsley, Rotherham and the Dearne Valley.

We can provide you with the following services for a competitive price: Conveyancing, Criminal Law, Childcare Law, Family Lawand Wills and Probate.

Frequently Asked Questions...

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Can you give me a free estimate?

Yes, we can provide a free estimate for work. However, depending on the complexity of the case the final price may vary from the initial estimate.

Do I need a Will?

Ideally, every adult who has assets (property, money, goods etc) should think about making a Will. If you die without making a Will the “rules of intestacy” will apply and they may not make the provisions that you would have wanted and/or they may not make the provisions that are necessary.

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