Childcare Law

There are many different legal issues affecting children, which is why it is so important to seek reliable advice from Julian Flewitt or Alexandra Speight.

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Parental Responsibility

This refers to the legal rights, duties and responsibilities a parent has for a child, as well as property the child owns. If you want to have a say in the important decisions in your child’s life, from where they go to school and where they live, you will need to establish parental responsibility. Birth mothers have automatic parental responsibility but the situation can vary when it comes to fathers.

Establishing parental responsibility is a legal issue involving many different factors. Arrangements involving custody (child arrangements), child maintenance and other matters following a separation will hinge on parental responsibility, so it’s important to get it right.

Child Custody (arrangements)

This is usually one of the biggest issues in any separation. Where will the children live? Who will look after them? How will child arrangements be split or shared? These are all matters that need to be decided for the good of the children.

It can be very difficult for a couple at loggerheads to reach an agreement and upset between parents can be harmful to their children. Julian and Alex can work with you towards reaching an agreement that is fair to you, your partner and crucially – your children.

Children's Rights

The rights of any children need to be protected and upheld in just the same way as the parents. Speak to Julian or Alex to make sure that your children get a fair deal in a divorce or other difficult family situation.

Child Protection

The courts are often involved when steps are taken to safeguard a child from harm . Julian Flewitt will be there to help protect the child’s rights, represent the parent and navigate the whole family towards a positive outcome.

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