Family Law During Lockdown

Since 23rd March 2020, the world has been a very different place. Schools closed. Cinemas closed. Theatres closed. Pubs shut. Weddings cancelled. Driving tests cancelled. Queues everywhere. But now, things are starting to change, and lockdown is slowly starting to relax. There’s more freedom to travel around, more shops are starting to open, some children are returning to school.

At Peace Legal we have worked throughout the lockdown. We have been able to ensure that everyone working on your behalf has been given the support necessary, enabling them to continue with the work in hand.

We have not been idle.

Divorces that had started before lockdown have continued through the system. New divorce petitions have been issued. Applications to deal with Children Act issues have continued.

We are here and able to help you during this difficult time. If your marriage is not working and you want to start the process for a divorce, we can do that. If you are not able to see your children, we can help you with that. If you are struggling to reach a financial agreement when you separate from your partner we can help you with that too.

We understand that for some, lockdown has meant having to stay with the person who has been threatening them, abusing them, and controlling them. They may feel they have nowhere to turn. BUT the fact is, anyone is allowed to leave their home to find safety. If you are being threatened in your own home by your partner, the person who should be your support, then you need help. Domestic Violence Charities are still helping people. The police will still help you and through us you can still access legal support. We just need to hear from you.

We are continuing to work hard and are supporting our clients during difficult times. We are still helping and can help others. Even if we are unable to have face to face meetings at the moment. We can still deal with divorces, children matters, financial issues, injunctions and all aspects of family law.

How we do this has changed due to the lockdown. We are adapting to people’s needs. We are conducting many more telephone appointments and where necessary have used Zoom to talk to and see people through their computer. We do use e-mail but are continuing to use the postal system where this is necessary or preferred. We have found that both the old and new ways of communicating work hand in hand, are safe and sure and have proved to work well over the last three months.

So if you find yourself needing legal help and assistance in a family matter and thought that you would not be able to find that help, then please telephone 01226 341111 and ask to speak to either Kathy Gale or Rachael Revitt. We will do all we can to assist you.

Posted on Jun 11, 2020

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