Relationship breakdowns worsen in lockdown!

We are helping clients to shed the shackles of uncertainty and focus on their future.

The first case of Covid-19 in the UK was confirmed on 3rd January 2020. On 16th March the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, told the House of Commons that all unnecessary social contact must cease by 1.00 pm on 26th March 2020. Legally, the main restrictions in England had begun as the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020 came into force. Our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, told us that people “must” stay at home and certain businesses must close. This unprecedented turn of events has not only taken its toll on us all economically but, for many, it has had indelible consequences as problems in personal relationships have compounded and become untenable. For some of us if we are living with domestic abuse and/or feel threatened, staying home can be dangerous or intolerable. In these situations, our immediate physical and emotional safety must come first, and we may have to leave home.

“Can we? The answer is YES - Government rules specifically allow for this.”

Other questions which may concern you and come into sharp focus are:

“Will I still be able to find a Solicitor who can help me?”

“Will I still have access to the Courts and the Justice system?”

“If I can find a Solicitor, will I be safe in contacting them?”

We are moving in a changing world but can still offer appointments by telephone, video link and in person where necessary. Our network of experts is a tight one, and we remain in constant touch with the Courts, police, and other specialist organisations.

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The truth is that, during what has become a series of lockdowns some legal firms have become ever more inaccessible but just as resourceful people and businesses have found ways to adapt and support others during these difficult times, with restaurants delivering take-away treats, exercise classes provided online and furloughed workers making PPE, here at Peace Legal, we have adapted our working practices and have remained open throughout to help our clients through difficult times. We have put in place procedures to keep everyone safe should there be an exceptional need to call at our offices.

With the emergence of the vaccine, we will all slowly but surely begin to find our freedom once again and for some it will be a time for a new start.

If this is you, you are focused on making a new start and need support and expert legal advice, we can help you through your relationship breakdown including concluding your divorce, helping you through the minefield of resolving the financial consequences, pension issues and the heartache of resolving problems concerning the welfare of and contact with your children. Our aim is always to help you navigate to a better future and be “with you all the way”.

For expert and sympathetic advice and guidance, call us on 01226 341111 and ask to speak to Rachael Revitt, Kathy Gale or Jayne Guest in our family team, or alternatively, email us on,, or remembering to leave your phone number to receive a no obligation return call.

Posted on Feb 05, 2021

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