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Peace Legal Pricing

From 6 December 2018, the Solicitors Regulation Authority transparency rules came into force which means we must display prices and service information for work in the following areas: Conveyancing (residential), Probate (uncontested), Motoring offences (summary offences).

Freehold Sale - (If your sale is Leasehold, the estimate is likely to be higher than Freehold. Please contact us direct for details)

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Sale Price Costs
£0 to £120,000.00 £610.00 + VAT
£120,001.00 to £250,000.00 £670.00 + VAT
£250,001.00 to £350,000.00 £710.00 + VAT
£350,001.00 to £450,000.00 £860.00 + VAT
£450,001.00 to £550,000.00 £1,060.00 + VAT
£550,001.00 to £650,000.00 £1,160.00 + VAT
£650,001.00 to £800,000.00 £2,010.00 + VAT

Office Copies and Title Plan £6.00
Bank Transfer Fee £30.00 (inc VAT)

Freehold Purchase - (If your purchase is Leasehold, The estimate is likely to be higher than freehold. Please contact us direct for details)

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Purchase Price Costs
£0 to £120,000.00 £660.00 + VAT
£120,001.00 to £200,000.00 £710.00 + VAT
£200,001.00 to £300,000.00 £760.00 + VAT
£300,001.00 to £400,000.00 £860.00 + VAT
£400,001.00 to £500,000.00 £1,010.00 + VAT
£500,001.00 to £600,000.00 £1,250.00 + VAT
£600,001.00 to £800,000.00 £2,010.00 + VAT

Bank Transfer Fee £30.00 (inc VAT)
HM Land Registry provide many search and copy document services. Two that are commonly used are:
Land Registry Search £3.00 per title
Bankruptcy Search £2.00 per name
Please note: In most cases VAT will have to be added to the H M Land Registry fees for searches and copy documents.
HM Land Registry Fee These can be found at
Search Pack £235.00 (inc VAT) - The search pack includes mining, drainage, local authority and environmental searches.
Mortgage administration fee Variable dependent on lender.
Solar panels from £75.00 plus VAT.
Management company restrictions and deed of covenants £100 plus VAT.
HCA Charge dealings £150.00 plus VAT.

Stamp Duty Land Tax can be calculated by using the HMRC Stamp duty calculator and can be found at

Legal fees for transactions are calculated based on the information provided and will, amongst other criteria, include:

  • Whether you are a first time buyer
  • Where the property is located
  • Whether you are purchasing in your sole name or jointly with another person
  • Whether the property is a new build
  • Whether the property is freehold or leasehold
  • Whether the property requires a first registration
  • Whether a shared ownership scheme is relevant
  • Whether you are using a help to buy scheme
  • Whether you are purchasing under a right to buy scheme
  • Whether you are purchasing at auction
  • Whether you are buying a property which has been repossessed
  • Whether you have a mortgage or not
  • In purchase cases, whether you are purchasing an additional property i.e. second home or buy to let

Our estimated costs are based around normal conveyancing transactions. If, for reasons of complexity, we have to revise an estimated cost, we would explain the situation and seek to agree this with you as soon as possible.

Our Conveyancing Team

Shelley Preece is a Licensed Conveyancer and is the head of the conveyancing department with many years experience in all residential conveyancing

Becky Whitwood – Conveyancing Legal Assistant

Susie Hutton – Conveyancing Technician

Maria Beedham – Conveyancing Administrative Assistant


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Type Costs
Single Person Will From £110.00 + VAT
"Mirror" Wills (married/partners) From £190.00 + VAT
Protective Property Trust Wills £370.00 + VAT

Lasting Power of Attorney

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Type Costs
Property and Financial Affairs £350.00 + VAT
Health & Welfare £350.00 + VAT
Separate Registration Fee Payable £82.00 (remission possible depending on income)

(If any of the above are home visits – extra charges may incur)


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Type Costs
Letters of Administration (Without a Will) From £450.00 + VAT
Grant of Probate (With a Will) From £450.00 + VAT

These prices depend on complexity of estate. Separate probate fees of £273.00 plus £1.50 for each office copy

Court of Protection

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Type Costs
Fixed Fees set by the court £950.00 + VAT
Application Fee £371.00
Medical Assessment Fee From £250.00
Insurance Policy Fee There is no fixed cost as it depends on the individual’s assets
Annual Deputy Assessment Fee £100.00
Annual Supervision Fee This is dependent on the individual’s assets

Motoring offences

Summary road traffic matter – dealt with at a single hearing. We would ordinarily charge £300 – £420 + VAT@ 20% together with mileage at the rate of 1.95p per mile plus VAT at 20%. This would cover the obtaining of details of the Prosecution’s case, obtaining the client’s instructions, advising the client on law and procedure, representing the client in court and reporting back with confirmation of the result to include any advice on appeal as may be appropriate.

These figures are based on a hourly rate of £120. The work would be carried out by a Senior Solicitor who is qualified and has been in continuous practice since 1980. The solicitor is always under the supervision of another qualified Senior Solicitor.

The range of £300 – £420 is designed to cover a range of different cases, some of which would be more complex than others. The mileage charge is designed so that we can consider time taken for travelling from our office to the relevant court.

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