Tracking my conveyancing online

I wonder, is it possible to track my conveyancing online? It would be easier than bothering my solicitor to find out what is happening.

From the 1st October 2020 you will be able to do just that with PEACE LEGAL, 6 Barnsley Road, Wombwell.

We are proud to announce that they we are launching our new system for you and your estate agent to view. Using your own unique ID number and password you will be able to login to see what stage your transaction is at and retrieve messages.


We are often asked this question, so we’ve highlighted some of the factors that influence the process and the most common delays you might face. Whatever your motivation for wanting to move, it is good to be aware of the delays you could encounter along the way.

The purchase of a property will generally take between 10 to 12 weeks. However, in some cases it can be quicker, whilst in others, it can take significantly longer.

Some of the things that can result in a delay of the conveyancing process include:

  • Delays or problems with obtaining a formal mortgage offer
  • Large chains and issues or delays happening further along the chain
  • Missing documentation such as deeds, ID etc
  • Delays in the clearing of funds
  • The purchase of a new-build property that is not ready to move into yet
  • Problems revealed following surveys
  • Property search delays

It is almost impossible to predict how long the process will take from the outset. There are so many things that may come into play preventing the most efficient conveyancer from saying with certainty how long the process will take, hence the general 10-12 weeks estimate.


Your Conveyancer will be:

  • Checking that the documents produced by the seller’s solicitors accurately reflects the property being bought (title checking)
  • Conducting local authority,mining,environmental and drainage searches for the property
  • Obtaining a contract pack from the seller’s solicitor/conveyancer
  • Ensuring all documents are signedon time by you
  • Exchanging signed contracts with the seller’s solicitor/conveyancer
  • Requesting the mortgage advance from the buyer’s lender
  • Arranging potential completion dates with both parties
  • Transfer of the monies for the purchase to the seller’s solicitor/conveyancer
  • Transfer of the signed transfer document to the seller’s conveyancer
  • Dealing with HM Revenue & Customs to pay Stamp Duty Land Tax
  • Dealing with Land Registry and the transfer of ownership

A delay in one area can quickly have a knock-on effect.
The following tips can help you get through the conveyancing process

  • Look for firms that hold a CQS (Conveyancing Quality Scheme) certificate as this indicates exceptional service, which is likely to be speedy and efficient – PEACE LEGAL has the CQS certificate
  • Use an online track your matter service - from 1st October
  • Stay in regular contact with your agent and your buyer/seller to ensure no small issues pop up to delay the process
  • Favouring a buyer/seller with no chain can help speed up the process

To find out more about conveyancing and our charges, explore the information provided throughout our website.

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